Monday, August 2, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #24 August 2, 2010

Hello to everyone again,

Well, family and friends, here I am once again to tell you the Missionary chronicles “news of the week”. This is going to be the shortened version and hopefully in a fast time frame seeing as a lot has happened this week and I don’t have much time today.

Ok, so first off we started this week with a fun p-day then we just blazed through the rest of the week at top missionary tracting speed! Elder Day and I are trying to teach (and find) as many people as we possibly can. We also stopped off at several members’ homes this week along with everything else. With the members, we taught them about how the Book of Mormon is meant to be shared with others. Moreover, as members they are obligated to share it. We let them know that angels are preparing someone close to their family; someone that they already know- to accept a copy of the book of Mormon. It was a super fun time! The ward is getting more steadier with missionary work, they are slowly getting on board. Once this Ocala train starts moving there will be no stopping it!

Another change this week, (something different that happened) is that a couple of us in fact did get transfer calls on Saturday. I am being transferred and moving to the position of District Leader; which I am not too excited about, but we will see what happens. I'll do my best. I hope I like my area and being a DL. I guess I will spend more of my time now helping other missionaries. I really love just being a missionary, that is where the spirit is the strongest and you really feel as if you are making a difference. And ugh, I just don't want to leave Ocala right now. There is a sweet guy that is going to be baptized soon. He started crying in our lesson this last week and knows he needs to change his life and wants to follow Jesus Christ. The sad part is that he is leaving out of town for two weeks for work, but he promised us he would read the Book of Mormon everyday until he gets back. So I will miss working with him and seeing him step into the waters of baptism. There is a lot of work left here to do and a lot of amazing ward members.

So now for the rest of this week I am going to go around say my goodbyes, and take pictures of everyone that I love here in Ocala. As you can guess, 6 months is a long time to be in an area and I have gotten to become very close to the ward members here. I am kinda sad to go but I guess I am needed somewhere else. Also, Elder Brandon is leaving as well from our apartment of four Elders. So yeah, Elder Day is bummed, that I will be moving. I will miss that kid; he has been a great missionary to work with. He has a great love for the people and the work. Some other bit of news; Taft is going to be made a Zone Leader.

I have no idea where I will be transferred, but I will let everyone know where I will be serving next - on Monday. We will have transfer meeting later this week and move to our new locations at that time. So if anyone is thinking of sending their favorite missionary some “love in the mail”…just hold off for a week and then you can send it to my new location. Remember I said, “hold off” not “forget about sending it all together” ha-ha!

Mom, umm I will see what I can do to get some more Jacksonville missionary moms for you, in my new district. Glad to hear that you have Elder Day’s home contact information. Maybe his mom will join the group after talking to you! I loved the binder you sent; it had some good stories in it. I have used several of them teaching already! If you could, (now I am not saying go crazy), but if you could send me some Michael Wilcox talks on CD that would be cool. However, don't send me like 1000 different talks though. There is one called Faith to Walk on Water, I liked that one and then maybe one other of his talks.

Sorry I have to cut this short and leave but Tall Porter is down visiting and he has to go back soon. Therefore, I want to go and enjoy my last p-day with him in Ocala. I will talk to you more next week from my new area. I really got to get running now. I send all my love to you guys back at home, and will talk to you next week from a new “undisclosed” location.

Elder packing his bags Blair
PS Tell Abbie that her puppets were nice; I have really enjoyed using them as I teach the families with little kids.