Monday, August 16, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #2 August 16, 2010

Well family and friends,
Another week down in Starke, and I am loving it!! This week we have been challenging the members to give out copies of the Book of Mormon, So far we have challenged the entire Bishopric, the Young Men and Young Women and several Primary leaders.

Good news, we have a scheduled baptism for this Sunday with a super awesome guy! His name is Bobby Colman; he has been dating a member in the Williston Ward for a while and has been going to church there for a bit. Now he is living up here in Starke and wants to be baptized. Therefore, we are pretty happy about that!

This week have had tons and tons of fun! Elder Bass is a super funny kid, he reminds me of Golden Kimball, I love being companions with him! He is from Utah and has a southern accent so I tease him with that a lot.

I love the members here! They are all super stoked for missionary work and are happy to help in whatever way they can. We have already made some great friendships with the ward so far. We live behind some members home in their tool shed, Lol (yeah you read that right, it kinda looks like a trailer from a distance, but in reality they have converted their old tool shed into a home for the missionaries). We have had some good times with the family that lives here (and owns the tool shed).

At our little tool shed home, it even came complete with a great and awesome pet! Did you guess it was a Banana Spider! lol It is outside our house and we like good pet owners that we are… we catch bugs every now and then and throw them in its web! (Wouldn’t want our little pet to go hungry). Oh, in case you’re wondering…I still hate spiders, a lot!!! (however, if they leave me alone and are not in my house, I am fine with them. Living in Florida, you have to learn to accept spiders as part of the package deal). Ha-ha!! We have named out little (not so little) friend Spidey (very original name). I will be sure to get a picture for you. Fun stuff!!

Oh and this Sunday was the only Sunday that I have been super late to church during my entire mission. Why was I late, no we didn’t over sleep…because we lost our keys! Holy Cow we ripped our place apart looking for them. We were looking everywhere for them. At one point we even had the members that we live behind help us look. We had a dude come out and brake into our car (because we thought they were in there) but nope, not there either... finally, we found them inside the cracks of a couch... Holy Moley…super funny!! Moreover, we made it on time for our Primary Sharing Time! We talked about the Resurrection. That was fun to be with the Primary on Sunday!

So that has been my week in a nutshell!

Looks like I gotta get going soon, so my companion can get on the computer to write his family. Ummm maybe I have a few more minutes, looks like Elder Bass is still writing some letters. The area here is full of trees, tons and tons of trees!!! And amazing wildlife. You can see everything from snakes to bears, and the best part…there are lots of southern people that are just super fun!! They just make you smile because they are so open and friendly. Boy oh boy can they cook some great meals. Had a fresh fish fry the other day…yumm!!

Oh and on a side note, I think I have lost my camera but I have prayed so as I continue to look… it will turn up :) Don’t worry dear scrapbooking mom a lot of the pictures I had taken other Elders have as well so I can get copies for you. But I will just keep looking for my camera if I don't find it soon I will get a new one this week or next week.
Thanks for all of the cards and letters …makes a missionary feel happy to know the word got out about the new address change!! You guys are an amazing support team, thanks so much for always sending me “smiles” in the mail. I love it!!

Lol well I gotta get going now though, Elder Bass needs the computer. Guess his family is waiting to hear from him now too…hehehe!

Anyways love you all!! I will talk to everyone again next week!
Love Elder (friends with Spidey) Blair