Monday, July 26, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #23 July 26 , 2010

Hello Family and fans of Elder Blair!
This week we had a blast! On Monday, we enjoyed a family home evening at a member’s house. We watched the Joseph Smith movie; it was super fantastic of course! We also had some amazing chicken that Sister Blackmon made for us. This last week we were focused hardcore on the members’ involvement in Missionary work. Our district leader, Elder Trott challenged us to drop Book of Mormons off at various member homes and commit them to pass them out to other non-members. Therefore, we asked each member of the family to come up with two names each and then asked them to pray about it and see which one out of all of them on their list that God wanted their book of Mormon to go to. Therefore, last week we saw several member families and committed them. Then this week we have four more families that we are going to go and see. We’ll teach them and commit them!

We also took members out tracting with us and had some fun that way! I love to include the members on splits with us. I went out with Joey Reid and during his mission he served in Mexico City and luckily enough we ran into all Spanish people that night. Yeah you guessed it…he pretty much taught the whole time, but it was fun. Elder Day had the awesome time of being companions with Jack as they tracted. They placed a couple book of Mormons and met a prophetess lol.

Finally Michael and Katlin have completely quit smoking!! They have not smoked for about 5 days now and are still going strong!! So that is just awesome news! The Bishop said he was going to help them with the marriage license fees but the Bishop is going to be out of town for the next two weeks!!! Ugh seems like it took them so long to get to this point…and now something else has gotten in the way, but at least it will happen! So that is a good thing.

Missy, an awesome less active member we have been working with just got re-activated. In addition, this Sunday she brought her next-door neighbor to church with her. Get this…He asked her, “When are you ever going to introduce me to the missionaries?” Ha-ha! Therefore, she brought him to church with her on Sunday and introduced him to the missionaries. Oh yeah we will start teaching him this week for sure!!! Seems like things are just going really, really well so far this week, at least it is off to an amazing start. I know it’s still early in the week but I am really excited for this week. I hope things just keep improving. Up, up, up!

Last night I was on the phone with Michael and Katlin talking to them about church, when next thing I know Elder Trott, Elder Barro and a Spanish member named Nicko teamed up against me. I was already laying down talking on the phone as I was almost already for bed lol. Then out of nowhere Elder Day just jumps up and yells "Leave my companion alone!!" and starts to hold them off. At this point Katlin is still on the phone and she was like, “Um Elder Blair what’s all that yelling?” I told her I had to fight some guys and I hung up on her. Ha ha heck ya. (I’m sure she could hear the urgency in my voice). Next, I jump up and Day and I started wrestling all three of them at once. Then Elder Brandon comes in the room and joins the “Spanish” team. Now it was four on two. Brandon jumped on Day and got him in a chokehold, so I pushed Trott and Barro into the wall and jumped on Brandon. Then I grabbed him by the neck and made him tap out. Next, I go to wrestling Barro and Nicko. I put Nicko's head in-between my legs, choked him out with my awesome powerful biking legs, and made him tap out! Ok so now it was me and Trott, then Day and Barro going at each other. You should know that Trott wrestled all through high school, so I was way out matched, so I lost. And sadly, Barro tapped out Day.

Then the fight moved downstairs where Trott, Barro, and Nicko were attacking Elder Snow. At this point I was watching from the stairs (already tired from the first fight), but then I got my second wind and was like, “Eh what the heck” and yelled in my strongest he-man voice "I'm coming!!” I reached Barro first and grabbed Barro and then added Nicko at the same time. Elder Day came in behind me and grabbed Barro for me. I was super tired from the first match so it took me a little longer, but eventually I made Niko tap out. I then turned and saw Day getting choked out by Trott, I was not about to let him grab my companion so I ran to help, but it was too late. Day tapped.

I then decided to fling all my weight against Trott (for tapping out Day) and took him to the floor in one leap. I started to come in strong against him… however I must admit it was not going so well for me. Bonus though, I was really sweaty so I kept slipping out of Trotts submissions! Next thing I know someone jumped on Trott as he was on top of me, (couldn’t tell who) and I was like "Oh fudge" cause I assumed it was Barro. I guess Trott thought the same thing because he said, “Barro?” Then Elder Snow's voice came back sounding “oh so triumphant” saying, “Barro tapped out!” Well, I was super excited now, because that meant it was just me and Snow vs. Trott!! Woot!! So with pretty much the very last of my energy in me, I threw Trott off me. It was pure will power. Next Snow and I jumped on Trott. After several minutes of wrestling, Trott threw Snow onto the couch, and then in a split flash he immediately flipped around my neck and got me in a chokehold. At this point then, everything was going black and white. I knew I didn't have much longer. Snow came back to get Trott off me, but too late I tapped and that was that. We still lost, but man, we had tons of fun! Yep yep!!

Well my time is up on this pc so I gotta run. I love you guys, and I always keep each of you in my prayers. Be sure to take care of one another for me!

Love Elder “tapped out” Blair (but took a few out first!)