Monday, July 5, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #20 July 5 , 2010

Dear family and friends,
Well all is well here in the sunshine state of Florida! We have made some strong progress here with the ward. This past week we have received 3 new investigators (leads) from members, which is a very decent improvement from 0! One person is named Stephanie (who is an older British woman; who walks every morning with a member). The other one is a roommate of a member named Karl. He is a pretty young kid, but he seems like he has potential and another one is a referral from a less active member and his name is Shane! So with those three we are slowly starting the member work. It’s a partnership plan; having the members do the finding and the missionaries do the teaching.

Elder Day is doing really well! We are getting along great, and his teaching is improving every day. He still is kinda quite, but that’s fine. His spirit really shows when he is teaching; and especially his love for those he is working with. He is such a loving kid to everyone we meet. It is really great to be his companion!

This week though we did find out he hates frogs, (which is really bad, because well in Florida there is loads of frogs everywhere!) We caught a couple one night and let him hold one. He was freaking out! He held it long enough to take a picture with it, and then he ran upstairs, (so funny). I video recorded it for ya'll anyways! Then one time later that night he locked himself in the bathroom, so we put like 6 frogs in with him, just so he wouldn’t get lonely in there by himself. Super funny oh, man! Elder Day has a goal - by the end of the transfer to catch a frog all by himself, which is a very appropriate goal for him. It’s reachable and it will make him stretch, so that’s a good missionary goal! He will then know that he can overcome his fears, which is a good thing for all missionaries to know.

For the 4th, we had dinner at a members house; Brother Waters, wonderful guy! He made us rice, chicken and biscuits. Well let me back up a bit, actually, he didn't make it; it was Sister Waters that did the cooking. They had so many different kinds of jam!! You wouldn’t believe all of the different kinds. They had everything from raw honey, (which was excellent) to tomato preserves! Every jam was just so yummy! I loved it! Then after dinner, we got to watch some fireworks (that local people were shooting off)! It was a really good 4th of July celebration. Your 4th of July package made it even that much better!! We are planning on having a popper war with the little pop things you sent us! That should be fun.

This week looks to be really good! We are going to be having a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and the Ward Missionaries this week (to finalize the plan we came up with). I hope that works out well.

Well I love you guys! I miss ya'll so much but please know that I really love the letters and the packages that I have received!! Truly, they make my day. And apparently, I have a Florida missionary mom coming my way today to drop off homemade cookies and banana bread!!!! hmm... So how did you arrange that one Mom? Seriously though, that call made my day, (and it will make my companions day as well…since I always share). lol Well once again, I love ya'll

Talk to ya soon,
Love the Elder looking forward to some homemade treats!
Elder Blair