Monday, April 12, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #8 April. 12, 2010

Hey family and friends,

This week was pretty amazing! We met a guy named Lorenzo; when I first met with him (while tracting), he immediately brought me into his house, sat me down, and told me to teach him while he was getting his Grandson ready for something. So I sat down right then and there; and taught him about Joseph Smith, then went onto tell him how Christ came to this country and about the Book of Mormon in general. He just ate it up! I invited him to be baptized and he said “Yes”, gave me a big hug, and thanked me! He told me he would be ready for church on Sunday but he went for a walk on that Sunday morning I guess. Therefore, we couldn't find him. However, we will get him to church this week!

We are also having a baptism this weekend on Friday, with a kid named Cory. Cory is 17. I don't know if I have told you about him yet or not but yeah he is being baptized finally. He is all down for it!

However, the absolute highlight of my week was getting to see Jason be baptized!! Boom Digitty, sweet action!! It was wonderful!! Just being in Fernandina Beach again was so awesome! I have missed everyone so much. When we walk in the church first thing we, see is and Jason walking down the hall dressed in white and smiling from ear to ear! He comes up and gives Elder See and me a big, big hug! It was really nice seeing him in again but especially nice to see him in white finally! Then we took a few pictures together and went into the Relief Society room to start the baptism “officially”.

Debbie was asked to bare her testimony. She got up, looked at Jason, and said "We got a lot more than just a bible honey." (If you remember her and Jason’s conversion story, all Jason wanted was to order a free bible off the internet, and then got a Book of Mormon as well as his free Bible.) She then went onto say “We made it this far, and if we made it this far we can go anywhere!” Then she bore one of the sweetest testimonies I have ever heard in my life. She thanked President Newman for allowing me and See to come up there to be a part of the baptism. Then she thanked everyone for all they did to support them to this point. It was a really sweet moment.

Next up was Elder See. Once he started to give the talk on baptism, Debbie just started to cry. Elder See gave his talk; followed with his testimony. Then we went the baptismal font to see Jason be dunked by President Newman. It was so amazing!! The spirit just flowed throughout the room, everyone in the room felt it. Then before I knew it, it was my turn to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. I will admit I really didn't do too well holding in my emotions at that point. Just knowing how much it meant to Jason and Debbie to be at that point in their life was more than my heart could contain. I remember sharing that, “Now Jason will now start learning even more, because he will be taught from on high.” I don’t remember much more of what I said.

Man, it was just a sweet, sweet day! And we got dessert out of it as well. (Ha-ha) It was so nice seeing everyone again! It was like coming home. My little Fernandina branch has grown into a ward now, but they are still my “Florida family” and I love them all. It really was so great to see everyone again, I have missed them. I am pretty sure Ronee sent you a picture or two already of us at the Baptism, but I will be sending more home soon. She showed me Abbie’s baptismal pictures too! That was way cool!! Congrats to Drew for doing a one dunk, and congrats to Abbie for making that awesome choice to be baptized! I’m proud of each of you!

As you can tell, I just had a blast this weekend! And as a bonus, I then got to hang out with Elder See in Chiefland on Sunday! Lol that was sweet. We were wrestling and a sprained my thumb but it’s all good. Lol it was a really, super good week here in Florida. It sounds like your week back home was really good too!

Well I’m sending all my love to each of you, tell everyone hello from their favorite Florida Elder! Thanks again for all the letters and cards; I just love my fan club back home! Your all remembered in my daily prayers! Were off for some P-day lunch and some errands.
Love ya’ll,

Elder (typing without use of one thumb) Blair