Monday, March 29, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #6 March. 29, 2010

Hey family and fans!
This week was really something; Elder Porter, Rogers and I have been having loads of fun! But first things first, Transfers: Sadly Elder Rogers is leaving and I am staying. So what that means is Elder Porter and I will both get new companions.

Second thing: We did have a baptism this last week! Chris was baptized and confirmed on Sunday (since next Sunday is General Conference). But sadly, Jerrell could not make it to church to be baptized on Sunday so we will keep working with him. This last Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting (because next week of course is General Conference). So Chris was setting next to me during the meeting and kept asking all kinds of questions…like; “What are they doing? Why are they doing that? Who all can go up?” I answered each of his questions. Then the next question was "Can I go up there?" I said, “Sure, if the Holy Ghost is telling you to go up- then go ahead.” Then I told him how the proper way to bear testimony and what to say (basically) and how to close in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Chris then turns to me with a grin and says he is going up next. (And to top it off we had a visiting 70 show up to the sacrament- Elder Anderson). So Chris tells Elder Porter he is going up too… and you should have seen my companion's face, it was so funny! Elder Rogers looked shocked and horrified all at the same time! It was classic!

So next thing we know Chris is walking up front. He gets up there, looks out at everybody, and was like "How ya'll doin?" Then he said he has learned a lot about the church, and thanked everyone for being so nice to him. Then he paused and said “amen” then he walked back down and took a seat. Lol It was so sweet! Straight from the heart! Chris came back and started talking to me about “Now since he did that- he was famous and everything!” Oh, it was too funny!

His baptism was scheduled for 5:30 pm and it was really good, (except the water was low again!) We had someone from the young men’s quorum baptize him, and Chris had to be baptized 4 times (because body parts kept coming up because the water was so low). Then after the third dunk they, decided to have them both get down on their knees to do the baptism. It was way sweet though. Chris will have a great baptism story to tell everyone, (maybe it will even make him famous all over again…) ha-ha!!

So that was the main parts of this week. It was a good week! I just hope I get another sweet companion now! We will not know who our companions will be until this coming Thursday. Also Elder See is not getting transferred either. He is staying in Chiefland for his last transfer. He is out after this next 6 weeks. Lol I think he leaves the mission May 12th (I believe), so about a week before my one-year mark. Our next Zone Conference will be in April.

The three of us are cutting our letters short this week because Elder Porter and I are off to make sure Elder Roger’s last p-day with us is one he will remember!! So I really gotta go- we want to make Rogers last p-day sweet, sweet!! Big plans!! So we will talk to you later.

Wishing everyone all the best! Hope ya’ll have a great Easter week!!
Elder Blair who is excited for General Conference-Florida style!