Monday, March 15, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #4 March. 15, 2010

Hey family & fans,
We had another amazing week here in Ocala! We had zone conference this week and I was able to hang out with Elder See, again!! Which was way sweet, and I got to see my greenie there as well; Elder Taft! What an amazing zone conference though, totally uplifting and in tune with what the Lord wants of the Jacksonville missionaries! So far, for the mission we have had 164 baptisms (since the year started!) and 450 re-activations thus far -and we are only 3 months into the year! However, we need to kick up our baptisms if we want to make our goal by the end of the year! The zone conference was all about trying to get people to Christ and focusing everything on the atonement.

I am trying to perfect my teaching for the atonement. I got a sweet book from the Temple in Orlando when we went there a few weeks ago called, The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox. It is such a great book, and I finished Elder Holland’s book, Broken Things to Mend. I have started the Infinite Atonement and I have another book in the car (that I read as we drive places), and I have a book on scriptures for my personal study, and I have a book for nighttime when we get back and don’t have a whole lot to do. So I am working hard on all of that.

Also, this week we are in the middle of a prank war with the Spanish missionaries of Ocala! Recently we took some Limburger cheese (that a member gave us) and put it in their vents but it didn't have the effect we wanted (didn't stink as bad as we thought it would). At first, we unscrewed all their light bulbs (so they thought the power was out). They then came to our house and tried to make the toilet shoot water at us, so then we went back over to their house and stole all of their light bulbs so that was pretty sweet. (Lol) Then they tried to take our light bulbs (no imagination, using our prank we did to them- but whatever.) This morning they stayed over at our house and I stole their apartment key and we went to Lowes and made a copy of it (lol) so now we always have a way to get in (evil grin, followed by a deep laugh) but yeah that’s pretty fun!!

I thank you guys for the letters and packages you have sent recently. Really, guys I sincerely want to thank everyone for all the stuff you guys are always sending me. It means a lot! I feel pretty cool when I get stuff like that- even if some of it is just “random stuff” or random letters! We as missionaries sometimes call it “fan” mail! But thanks for all that, it is so nice to have something to look forward to or even more so- unexpected “surprises” in our mailbox. Those things really keep our spirits soaring!

Oh and we had a baptism this weekend, his name is Jack Kelly. Jack was the guy I talked about last week that wants to go on a mission. He is so sweet; he is already trying to be a missionary, handing out stuff to all of his non-member friends and family! And since I have been keeping almost all of my baptisms programs; he saw me take one and asked, “If I was keeping it?” I said, “Yeah of course.” So then, he asked if I wanted his autograph on it. I said, “Sure!” So Jack autographed it for me, saying "Keep it rockin' all the way to heaven, Jack S. Kelly" lol so funny!! Jack is a really sweet guy! Hopefully we will have another baptism this weekend because our ward is really on board with baptizing fast! So we will definitely help out there! I am keeping my fingers crossed for more Miracles for March!!

Oh and a member in Fernandina does not feel loved cause Ronee got a package from Utah and he didn't! He wanted me to ask you if you only love one person in Fernandina. Ha-ha! He is a sweet guy. I still keep in contact with him, he is such a funny guy, you will have to meet him after my mission!

But I gotta get going actually, I know this wasn't long again this time, but I got pranks to do and the guys want me to get going. They are anxious to get some major P-day activities accomplished…hehehe!! Fun times!

Love to everyone and thanks again for all the wonderful things you send and for keeping us in your prayers! The missionaries in apartment #56 can “feel the love” from home every day!

Love, the Elder with the Key-
Elder Blair


ronee said...

First and foremost..I am the MOST loved member of the Fernandina the ginger....