Monday, March 8, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #3 March. 8, 2010

Hey there everyone, it’s me again!
Well this week was all right. A missionary in 2nd ward (our apartment of 4) went home for medical reasons; so now, we are in a 3-man unit until the end of this next transfer. However, the cool thing is now- we cover two areas instead of just the one, which is pretty fun! Lot’s more opportunity for the 3 of us! Boom diggity!

Other good news: we have a guy that is getting baptized this Saturday and… (Drum roll) he wants to go on a mission!! He is 22 years old. He is way sweet and he is a big Marvel Comic Book fan, so that’s awesome too! I am way excited and pumped for him! He is way solid, and has been asking how to get a copy of the The Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants for the past little while. So on the temple trip we took this last weekend, we invited him to come. He came just so he could see the Orlando Temple and walk around the outside grounds while we were in the session. Look at that…oh yeah Elder Rogers and Blair - still doing missionary work “outside” the Temple while they were “inside” the temple doing missionary service! Double duty and going strong! Anyway, while he was walking around the temple grounds he saw the little LDS book Shop they have there, and he bought himself a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants and a copy of the Pearl of Great Price! After Elder Rogers and I came out of the temple, we all walked around in the bookstore together. I picked up a book called Continuous Atonement; which is way sweet! I was debating on getting this set of LDS cards that say “Who is your Hero (it was different people in the bible and the events that they did), but it was a sweet blessing and very cool because this lady walked up and gave me 10 bucks, so I could buy that! Now wasn’t that a sweet blessing! And then when I was checking out what did my eyes see but Utah Truffles!! Lol I was so excited- I bought 2 orange and 1 mint!! Oh, yes; so amazingly good, I miss that stuff!

Oh, I also saw Elder See this week! It was way cool to see him again. There was a district leader council (and since both of our companions are district leaders) we got to see each other and hang out in Gainesville while our companions went to their leadership conference. So we toured around campus. The campus was pretty big so we kinda just drove around looking it over (it was kinda cold that day too), then we went back to the Institute building and played ping-pong!

And in other news, I can only write my immediate family at this present time because our mission is sacrificing stuff for “Miracle March! We are giving up such things as eating out, (which really stinks because there is a Five Guys & a Firehouse Subs here lol) and no writing anyone but your family, so that’s just some of the things we are sacrificing for the Miracles of March! It’s all good!

But yeah so, that is my week in a nutshell. Be sure to send my love to everyone! Anyway, I know I didn’t write too much again this week but I have to write from the Library so it is really random as to when I have to leave each week and how much time I get. They have these things set up so they don’t give us much time… and the fact that I am super hungry right now, so my stomach wins this week! I am off to eat lunch, talk to everyone next week.

The Elder with the growling stomach, Elder Blair