Monday, January 11, 2010

Lake City, FL Letter #13 Jan. 11, 2010

A big Hello to everyone from your Elder, who is freezing in the south,

Things are well in Lake City, except for the cold factor!! I even heard someone say that it snowed in southern Florida. Wow! Don’t worry mom I do have a winter coat now; I got one from a store here that was having a sale. It was a great price; I picked it up for about 12 bucks! See believe or not, I am learning to bargain shop!! LOL

I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures I sent last. Let me give you a few details in case you want to put them up on my blog or facebook for me. The “crime scene” was back in Fernandina Beach; we were attempting to do a prank on the sister missionaries in our district. We were acting as if we were dead and as if someone broke into our house the night before and killed all of us. We had some members come in and help us with it. However, sadly, the prank failed. Ha-ha!! Only one sister actually thought we were dead, the rest thought it was some sort of game and we were going to pop out of our “death sheets” and yell “Happy Halloween”! But yeah it was just a mess (but it was fun).

Oh the pictures of me and the lovely black lady was Keisha Williams and the picture with me on the porch with the auburn haired lady and the dude with the beard is Foster and Gale White, lol some investigators in Fernandina.

I need to tell you about the blow up Christmas tree you sent us. Since we already had a Christmas tree totally decked out for the holiday’s we decided to use the blow up tree as a punching bag. Yeah, we thought it was a totally cool idea too …glad to see you agreed (or not-ha-ha!) Anyway we used it to beat each other up! And it really was a great stress releaser and a lot of fun until one fateful day it popped!

The pictures of the “white Christmas” was a prank we played on an Elder in our apartment in Lake City. We took baby powder, dumped all over his bed, and then put that sign up on his door. We thought it was a pretty cool prank!

Our mission goal has been changed from 1050 to 3050 for 2010. Our focus is the inactive members. We are working with inactive's a little bit different. Mainly we have to try and get them to come to out to church again. This week we got 4 of them back to church on this Sunday. As we were tracting last week, we tracted into these two women and taught them on their doorstep. They liked us a lot and said they would come to church on Sunday (but never showed up). Then on Sunday a member, family told us that we tracted into some friends of theirs and it was the two ladies we taught on their porch. The member said that they loved our testimonies, but their Muslims (so I guess that’s why they didn't come to church) Ha-Ha! The member also mentioned that she and her daughter are looking for a church home, so the member is going to try and set something up with us; so we can teach them. But yeah, good times in the mission field! We are having fun here in Lake City,

We took the “snow” you sent us and put it outside when it was raining and it made the entire sidewalk look as if it was covered in snow! It was pretty sweet!! Elder Bowen goes home on Thursday; I am going to miss that guy. He was an awesome companion! I told him to make sure he looks you guys up when he gets back home.

Tell everyone I am thinking of them and well...I guess I will talk to you soon!
The amazing Elder Blair