Monday, January 18, 2010

Lake City, FL Letter #14 Jan.18, 2010

Hello everyone,

Well this week we have been busy, busy once again, I don't exactly know where to begin. I loved the package I got from ya'll last week! And yeah, I ordered that star trek shirt from a Cheez-it Cracker box, back when I was in Fernandina. So I ordered it then, (during my second transfer when I was serving with Elder Bowen) Ha-ha. I guess I forgot to let you know to be watching for it. It was just a fun thing to order.

Thanks for the pictures, I loved the picture of the house with the snow all around it. I have not seen that fluffy white stuff in awhile!

We saw some inactive’s this week. It seems that it doesn’t even bother some of them that they are less active. Oh and we have a really sweet investigator named Able, he is from Ethiopia. Able is a super smart guy. He has read the bible cover to cover, several times. He is starting to have some doubts about the bible, because he feels the bible contradicts itself too much. He says, “How can he believe the bible when it has things missing?” (Like the errors in translation), and he commented that his last hope is the Book of Mormon. He doesn’t have one yet because he can't understand the English version with all the thy thou thine wording throughout. We are trying to get him a book of Mormon in Amharic (in his native language) for him to read. Able is such a good listener and such a very, very humble man as well. I can't wait until we actually get him a Book of Mormon, so he can start reading it!

Well, I thought I had time to write but I don't, sorry. Maybe next week. This week we had to do emails in the church library due to the holiday, and now it is almost 4:30 and we still have to do shopping etc. So I gotta get going, next week we will be back at the college so I will have more time.

But really that is about all the main news I have this week, Sorry I didn't write more, but my mind is blank for the time being, but I hope ya'll have a great week. Tell everyone I love them!

Elder (drawing a blank as to what happened this last week) Blair