Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lake City, FL Letter #5 Nov. 16, 2009

Hello to all my fan club members!

This week flew by so fast, that we blinked once and it was gone! We had zone conference, which was pretty sweet. I just love Zone Conference, you always walk away with a huge “to do” list both personally and spiritually. But feel as if you can raise the bar just a little bit higher than you have done in the past.

We got a pretty sweet investigator this past week. I think she might possibly be baptized this coming Sunday. I know you would all love her. Her name is Rose. She is a really sweet, sweet lady. In addition, she made it out to church on this last Sunday, which is always a big plus with new investigators. Sometimes it is hard for them to make it to church, even after they know it is true and they want to be part of the church. Rose’s comment after the meeting was “All that was said there was the truth, she could feel it.” She said that she knows she needs to be baptized. Then she said, she “wants to learn a little more, but by Sunday she could be ready!” (LOL) Rose said that her “last baptism” she felt was “fake.” She wants to make sure this one feels real. We suggested that she attend a baptism with us this week. Therefore, we are taking her to a baptism this Wednesday evening, so she can see how it goes and how it feels.

So yes, that’s pretty much all this past week. My birthday box totally blew me away. It was amazing! I was totally blown away with everything inside!! How did you get everyone to get all their gifts and cards ready to be sent at one time? It really was a party in a box (LOL)!! We had an unofficial-official birthday party last Monday. Everyone was like, “Dude this is so cool.” Yeah we had a great time. Be sure to tell everyone it was almost worth leaving my teenage years behind, just to have such an awesome & totally sweet birthday surprise box!! It rocked seriously guys! Awesome, awesome birthday!

Hey and guess what I bought last P-day? A CD of Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs lol!! It is pretty sweet! Before I forget…just a reminder that transfer calls are this coming Saturday. So don’t send anything after this Thursday. I will let everyone know this next Monday if I am being transferred or not.

So yes, that is the update from Florida and by the way…it is cold here!!! 55 degrees this week! Brrr its cold enough to have icesiscles hanging from your favorite elders nose…HA-HA my Utah mates…I can hear your groans from here…but for Florida that is cold indeed!

Take care everyone and thanks again, you guys are an awesome Elder Blair fan Club!!
From the Elder who loves the liquid Florida sunshine!! (Even when it’s cold!!)
Elder Blair