Monday, November 9, 2009

Lake City, FL Letter #4 Nov. 9, 2009

Hello from the old dude in the South,

Yeah, lol my birthday was weird cause I didn't even remember it was my birthday that day (until later that day I realized it was the 8th). As a special surprise, Elder Bowen and some of my favorite Fernandina members gave me a call last night. They started the call off by singing Happy Birthday (lol). It was pretty sweet! Ronee also called me; it was fun talking to her again! And Jason and Debbie called me and wished me a happy birthday as well! Wow!! What a great surprise!! It was tons of fun talking to everyone, Fun fun times for Elder Blair yesterday!

But yeah no baptism this week for TJ. Oh well, just gotta keep working I suppose. I got the GPS and man, it helps out so much! It is totally sweet. And it is pretty accurate. Elder Taft and I calibrated it in to show us the shorter distance routes all the time. So to test it, we plugged in this address and she took us to a dirt road, the dirt road was a cut through. lol It was pretty wild, we didn't even know that road existed! It looked like it was not used for a long long time. I programmed her to have an “Australian accent” and I call her Claire! Yeah it’s pretty funny. She’s a great traveling companion, ha-ha!! We have not tried the pedestrian mode yet for when we are biking or walking. We will need to try that this week for sure.

But holy cow… we are like going hard and working like mad every day, and still nothing. But Elder Taft and I…we won’t quit. We just got to keep pressing forward with faith. It wears on you though, so that’s why I am glad we have p-days. It gives us time to un-wind form the previous week.

Oh and I have pictures that I need to send home still from Fernandina. So I will try to do that today too, along with the seashells, I gotta send those too. So yeah, you guys should be getting some sweet stuff soon.

For my Birthday dinner, (even though I won’t be there this year), I suggest Teppanyaki, (or you could go to Famous Dave’s). But lol I don't know which is better… Sonny's Bar-b-Q which is here in the south, or Famous Dave’s back home. Ha-ha! Just go ahead and pick one and then let me know how well I liked my birthday dinner this year! Lol!!

Anyways I love you guys! Have a good one! I hope all is well up there in the cold!! I need to get going now and head to Wally World to get us some food for this new week.

So long from the companionship of 3 (Elder Taft, Elder Blair and Claire ha-ha!!)

Talk to y’all next week!

Love, Elder Blair