Monday, November 2, 2009

Lake City, FL Letter #3 Nov. 2, 2009

Howdy peep’s!

Well this week was pretty, cool! Zone Conference with Elder Ringwood was pretty sweet. He talked a lot about unity and said, “That we are doing something amazing in this mission”. He talked about 2 Nephi 31 as well, which was totally sweet! I enjoyed hearing him speak to us. Yeah it was pretty amazing listening to his talks, unfortunately I was so tired from the day before (of extensive tracting and the fact we had a total of 8 elders in our apartment the night before). We had the Zone Leaders and the AP’s (Assistants to the President) stay in our apartment for the night, which was pretty noisy, thus I didn't get much sleep. Therefore, I was very tired during Elder Ringwood’s talk, but still got a lot out of it. He brought a great spirit with him that filled the room.

Then for Halloween this year, we went and tracted! Ha-Ha big surprise, right? People couldn't believe we were out on Halloween night, still working! lol Some “more kinder” people gave us candy, and some people actually thought we were dressed up as Mormons! Once they found out that we were the “real deal”, they were kind of surprised.

I have a great Halloween story to tell everyone. We were in this one neighborhood, (which we had just finished tracting,) and it was about 8:50 pm. Being time to head back home, we started to walk back towards our car. Our car was kind of far away. So anyway, we started to walk back, when see a cop car driving very slowly with its lights on, but not flashing. I whispered to Elder Taft, “This is for us,” and Elder Taft’s like “nu huh,” and I said, “Yeah huh.” Then when the cop car got right up to us, he flipped on his flashlight at us and said, “Are you two soliciting?” I said, “No we are not selling anything,” as I walked up to his car door. He then said, “Well then what are you doing?” And I said, “Sharing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The officer then replied laughing, “That’s soliciting.” I promptly replied with, “No sir even in the Florida state law it says we are allowed to do this. However we are leaving this neighborhood now anyways.” He had this really confused look on his face. Then he said something like, “ok.” And we started to walk off. Then he asked us, “Why are you out on Halloween night?” So I replied and I told him, “The Lord never takes a day off. He wants us to go out and share His message every day!” Then the police officer said, “Ok God Bless” and they drove off. Lol. It was freaking sweet!! I got my first cop car called on me… and on Halloween no less. Boy was I excited! But yeah that was our big Halloween night and yeah it was amazing, one for the journal indeed.

The person we are going to be baptizing soon is T.J. lol he is a sweet dude. We are working on getting him and his girlfriend married. Then we hope to baptize them on Nov 8th (Oh yeah that will be sweet, right on my birthday. Couldn’t ask for a better birthday!!) So yeah, that is what is happening this week, looks to be a totally sweet week.

So I hope everything went well for you guys Halloween night. I know Will really enjoyed the murder mystery party! Lol he sent me two emails about it!! I want to hear how everyone’s Halloween was. What did everyone do? Any great parties or outstanding costumes this year? And all the details on the Murder Mystery. Tell me who had what parts, and who killed, bribed, stole from each other etc. And send as many pictures as you can. Also, I got the Halloween Cards from everyone, which was super great. I sure love hearing from everyone.

Well this Sunday I hit the 20's (the big 2 and 0) lol. Well I guess I will talk to you next Monday. Take care of each other for me, and tell everyone I say hello and pray for each of you every morning and night.

Well let me know how you guys are doing and all the happenings back home.
The Lake City cops favorite Elder…
Elder Blair