Monday, September 20, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #7 Sept. 20, 2010

Well family and fans,
Well, I had a pretty awesome week! However unfortunately Elder Bass is now in Georgia and hard at work serving up there on a bike! (Which is pretty funny…well it is funny to me anyways). I know his pain…oh so well!! I bet he is missing having a car about now. So since this last week was the last week with Elder Bass we spent some time during his last few days here going around and saying goodbye to all of his friends that he made here while serving in Starke. Then the night before he left (Wednesday), we went to a good-bye party for Elder Bass hosted by some ward members here in Starke. It was pretty fun, lots of good food, and great people! Then before the night came to a close Elder Bass got hawooginized. You’re now asking, “What is a hawooga?” Well let me tell you…a howooga is where someone holds you down, then takes their knuckle and jams it into the person’s inner thigh and grinds it into their skin. Big ouch!! I tell you that it gets pretty intense (especially when a bunch of 400 lb of dudes lay on top of you!) Moreover, this family has this as a tradition and they always do it when a missionary is being transferred. Therefore, I had the blessing of watching Elder Bass get owned, because Elder Blair is staying in Starke.

My new companion is Elder Lewis. He is a pretty cool kid. Elder Lewis has short-term memory loss. He reminds me a lot of Dory from Disney’s Finding Nemo. Lol He is really funny and totally cool about the whole thing. So that is pretty much the news of the week. Oh, one more thing…my companion Elder Lewis ate some Zingers that had some maggots in them the other day. Which of course he then properly puked up! Oh how I love being on a mission!

I wanted to tell you about our visit from the Seventy last week. The 70 basically told all of us that we need to be a lot better as an entire mission. He went through a lot of different ways to improve and told each of us that we need to put the “old self” behind us and work on becoming a new person while here. I think a lot of our mission is not 100% supporting and sustaining President. I think that is why he was challenging us to improve and become a new self. He was an amazing speaker, he spoke about effort and attitude, and the things we need to change to become better as missionaries and individuals. He pointed out that we need to realize our duty here; our relationship with God and who we are. We need to change our identity and to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

I really loved the green eggs and ham book! I have been sharing it with some of the members here. We are seeing our investigator Todd when he gets back from Disney world with his family. We are still hoping he will want to get baptized right away so he will be able to baptize his daughter next month. Well we are about the Lords work and keeping busy. So you guys take care of each other and always remember I love you guys!!

Love Elder Blair (Who never eats Zingers!!) LOL