Monday, September 13, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #6 Sept. 13, 2010

Hello family and friends!

Well first things first, I am not being transferred this week. I am going to stay another 6 weeks here in Starke it looks like, (which is good, I am happy about that)!! However, my companion Elder Bass is being transferred so that kinda stinks. I have been enjoying serving with Elder Bass and really didn't want a new companion, but oh well...

Things here are going well here in Starke. Elder Bass and I have set a baptism date with some amazing people named Chris and Liberty. So we are very hopeful they will be baptized. This past week we had a super powerful lesson with a couple of kids named John & Jacob (they are 13 and 12) During the lesson (we taught the first lesson) we explained to each of them what the spirit feels like when it testifies of truth. We told them to pay attention to what they are feeling and then we paused a moment. Then we asked if they were feeling any of those feelings now? And they both said “yes”.

They both want to be baptized, however their mom is not so sure about all of it. She wants to talk to them about it first to make sure that they really want to do it. She is struggling with the fact “If they are old enough to make that choice for themselves?” Therefore, we are hoping and praying that their mom will soften her heart (get the answers to her concerns) and let both of the boys be baptized!

Another wonderful thing this week that happened- is that we had an awesome lesson with a part member named Todd! His little girl is turning 8 in October. Elder Bass and I thought that it would be cool to have him be baptized early, so that he will be able to receive the priesthood in time to baptize his little girl in October. It would be cool if he could be the one to baptize her! So after our last lesson we talked (one on one) with his wife, and asked her about it. She thinks that would be cool, so she is praying for it to happen. We have several other members of the ward doing a mighty prayer for Todd that he will soften his heart and accept the prompting of the spirit. And then follow the example, which Christ has set for him (and everyone) to be baptized. That is the update and information on what is going on with our investigators here in Starke.

Another major thing happening in the mission is that we have a Seventy coming to the Jacksonville mission this Thursday! He has asked that all of the missionaries have a 5 minute talk prepared about “What we are doing to be a more effective missionary?” So I have been spending time working on that, hopefully that will go over well on Thursday.

Well everyone, that’s pretty much it...for my "News of the week”. I really love the packages and newsy letters that everyone has sent me lately! I really think that, is one of the reasons Elder Bass is so sad to be transferred this week, because he won’t be enjoying those wonderful “friends and family of Elder Blair” care packages anymore...LOL (it has nothing to do with me as his companion)...ha-ha!! The “love in the mailbox” makes the difference - ha-ha!! Seriously everyone has been super cool to keep writing me and updated on the happenings back home! Thanks for that! Anyways I love you guys, stay safe and be happy. Take care of each other for me!
Elder “staying put for now” Blair